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Since we've been in business, a lot of firms have tried to replicate our brand. We are the original Philly Bike Lawyer- the name proves it. Read what our clients have to say.

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Outstanding Results in Just Four Months.
I was referred to Jeremy by a large New Jersey firm. After just four months, Jeremy settled my claim and got me paid. I would highly recommend him. -A.C.

Good Lawyer. Great Guy. Awesome Experience.
Not only is Jeremy a good lawyer, he is a great guy. When working with him I really got a sense that he cares about his clients. I was very impressed with his very detailed and elaborate analysis of the law to find unique solutions. I would highly recommend him and will work with him again. -C.H.

Jeremy is AMAZING!!
He was always there when I needed him, talked me through every issue, provided me with one-on-one attention, and most importantly, produced results. I can't thank him enough! I would recommend him to anyone. -L.E.

Excellent lawyer for bicycle related accidents!
Jeremy was a huge help after a recent accident. I called Jeremy a few days after I collided with an automobile on my bicycle. The driver stopped short in the middle of the block to let passenger out, I swerved and collided with her the back of the car. Her insurance company was looking over $800 in repairs from me. At this time I called Jeremy for a consultation, he responded to my message very quickly, and we met the next day. Jeremy spoke with the insurance company looking for the payment from me, and ended up paying about half of what they were asking for. Jeremy was very good at communicating with me and explaining options for the best possible outcome. I would recommend Philly Bike Lawyer to anyone looking for help with a bicycle related accident. -T.R.

Excellent legal service.
During the process of my case, Mr. Abay demonstrated his excellent judgment and handled each step properly and professionally. I am satisfactory with his legal service. -Y.P.

Overall, it made a difficult time in my life much easier.
Jeremy spoke to me in lay terms so that I was able to easily understand the process. As a client, I was required to focus on healing and I was not bogged down with obtaining records or calling people. Lastly, I was informed up front of approximate cost (percentage due to the law firm, approx cost of filing, etc) that I would incur should I win or settle my case. -R.R.

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