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PHILLY BIKE LAWYER was the first to create a team of litigators concentrating on bicycle accident litigation. Whether your injuries were caused by a reckless driver, pothole, pedestrian, bicycle defect, or other dangerous condition, we can help.

Since we've been in business, other attorneys have tried to replicate our brand, but our name says it- we're the original Philly Bike Lawyer.

Our attorneys are also members of the renowned law firm of Sacks Weston Diamond, LLC, which has recovered $4 billion (YES, BILLION!) for its clients. Good luck finding those results elsewhere! PHILLY BIKE LAWYER will maximize your compensation.

Free case evaluations! No fees unless we win!*

Call (267) 930-2523.

A bike accident is a brutal experience, but the aftermath can be even worse. Bicycle accidents create unique legal challenges that insurance companies rely upon to deny claims. You may even be blamed for your accident. You need (and deserve) an attorney with knowledge of local bicycle laws and ordinances. Don't settle for one of our imitators, call the PHILLY BIKE LAWYER!

No matter if you bike for competition, commute to work, or just ride for fun, we want to be your lawyer. Plus, we're cyclists, so we understand exactly what you're going through: we will get you back on your feet (and then onto your track, mountain, fixed-wheel, beach cruiser...) before anyone else. Put our reputation to work and let us fight for you!

We're here for you.

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*We collect attorney fees and case expenses only if we obtain a recovery in your case.